A Well Made and Well Performing Stove

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What's So Hot About Jotul Wood Stoves?

There is nothing quite like sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cold winter's night. There is just a certain sense of coziness about watching the glittering orange flames, and hearing the crackle of the wood. Wood stoves warm do more than warm your body, they also warm your heart and your soul. But, a wood stove is a wood stove. So why is it that your hear so many people talking about Jotul wood stoves? Just what is so hot about these stoves that makes them so popular?

A Sense of History

Believe it or not one of the reasons that Jotul wood stoves are so popular is because they give people and homes a sense of history. In the world we live in where it seems like everything changes from day to day it's nice to have an item in your home from a company that began over 150 years ago. The sense of history that this stove gives many peoples seems to build a connection between you and your ancestors. Sitting in front of a Jotul wood stove you can almost imagine your ancestors from 100 years ago sitting in front of the same type of stove by the same company warming themselves from the cold outside.

A Well Made and Well Performing Stove

Of course one would not care too much about the sense of history of these stoves if they weren't so well made and functioning. The truth is Jotul wood stoves do an excellent job of heating your home and are made to last year after year.

Besides, working well, these stoves also look great, actually adding to your home décor. The different designs, shapes and sizes of these stoves make them great for almost any style home. What's not to like about a stove that looks great, provides warmth for your family, and cuts down on those high energy bills all at the same time.

Tax Credits

Jotul wood stoves also have the added benefit of earning you tax credits when you have one of these stoves installed in your home. Several models of these stoves have been found to be so energy efficient that you tax credits for installing and using one of these stoves. Which means that when you consider the tax credit these stoves cost even less than you can even imagine.

In a world where most things are measured in dollars and cent, Jotul wood stoves make sense. They are reasonably priced, energy efficient, and provide your family with the warmth they need when the weather turns cold and bitter. Best of all, they are attractive and made of cast iron which is durable and long lasting.

What's so hot about Jotul wood stoves? Practically everything from their great looks, to their durability, to the decorative screens that allows for hour upon hour of gazing into the golden glow of the flames and daydreaming as the sound of the wood snapping and crackling lulls you to into a feeling of peacefulness.